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Uniweld 6290Vvcm-4D, Liquid Air Fuel Gas-Map//pro Cut Tip

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Uniweld, 6290VVCM-4D, Liquid Air Fuel Gas-Map//Pro Propylene Cutting Tip on Display Card, 8" Cut Thickness Features: Two Piece Tube Mix Use With: 63 Series Machine Cutting Torches Applications: High Speed Machine Cutting with Special Cutting Oxygen Orifice Cutting is initiated by heating the edge of the steel to near melting point using the pre-heat jets only, then using the separate cutting oxygen valve to release the oxygen from the central jet

  • Description
  • Robotic oxy-fuel cutters sometimes use a high-speed divergent nozzle

    The steel is instantly oxidized into molten iron oxide, producing the cut

    Their ability to produce almost any shape from large steel plates gives them a secure future in shipbuilding and in many other industries.

    These are not used for cutting by hand since they need very accurate positioning above the work

    This allows the compressed oxygen to expand as it leaves, forming a high-velocity jet that spreads less than a parallel-bore nozzle, allowing a cleaner cut

    This uses an oxygen jet that opens slightly along its passage